McDonald 2010 Cargo Container Freighter

McDonald 2010 is the newest cargo container freighter for Maersk. Built in Long Beach California, the new freighter can carry over twelve hundred fully loaded forty foot cargo containers per voyage. The main passage way for the new ship will be between China and Los Angeles. Maersk plans to use the McDonald 2010 to move cargo containers over eighteen times a year between the two world powers. Maersk has one of the best, most efficient line of cargo container carrying vessels in the world, and they are proud to welcome the McDonald 2010 to their impressive list of ships. China will exporting mostly clothes and electronics to the United States, while on the other end, The Untied States of America will be mostly cargo back old electronics for melting, and also a good amount of food. The McDonald 2010 will be one of the biggest cargo container carrying ships on the ocean, and also one of the fastest. Built for spread, this new cargo vessel will allow Maersk to open up their portfolio on what they can ship, and better monetize what they haul across the Pacific. The ship will mostly carry forty foot long cargo containers, but is also retrofitted to be able to carry a good number of twenty foot cargo containers on any particular voyage.

Used Cargo Containers For Sale

Many of the cargo containers that come in on McDonald 2010 are now for sale. Most of the cargo containers are only one trip containers, meaning they have only crossed the ocean one time and they are usually in great condition. To check out the used cargo container inventory head over to where you'll find 20 and 40 ft cargo containers for sale.